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Many parents came together in a grassroots effort to start Merit Academy. After thousands of hours of work, meetings, conversations, and research, and after countless sleepless nights, the Merit Academy application and appendix was submitted for review.

The Colorado League of Charter Schools provided feedback that the application seemed viable and was ready for full review by the potential authorizer (WPSD Re2). 

The next review was completed on behalf of WPSD Re-2 by Colorado Association of Charter School Authorizers. This professional, expert review also noted this application was worthy of authorization, with conditions to be met prior to opening in August.

Despite the professional reviews suggestions to approve, WPSD Re2 denied the application. 

Fortunately, CO is a school choice state and we are pursuing additional options with the advice of legal counsel.

We are excited to present to our community the application to become a school of choice within the Woodland Park/Ute Pass/Teller County area. There is a lot of hope, time, and effort in these pages! 

We are very happy to share with you the mission of this wonderful school. This has been an amazing journey and we have come to the realization that every school, no matter what type or how long in existence, should design and share such documents with their stakeholders for true transparency and understanding of the educational curriculum, culture, expectations, and vision.

It is important that both sides of an argument be presented to make a sound, educated decision. It is something we will teach to our students, particularly in their School of Rhetoric years. This ability to present both sides is especially true of situations like this. Regarding the WPSD Board of Education's resolution denying our application, we found inaccuracies in their main points. Please find below our responses or clarifications to WPSD's reasons for denial.

Responses to WPSD Reasons for Denial

Merit Academy Application

Merit Academy Application Appendix

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