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academy houses

The House System fosters student engagement and school spirit through the assignment of every student, teacher, and staff member into one of five groups known as Houses. Houses create smaller cohesive groups where students interact among all grade levels while encouraging friendships, communication, tradition, academic excellence, student government and competition.

The House System is quite common in British education systems, but is not as common in the United States. Schools that have utilized a House System have found more unity and pride in their school and a heightened civic service. Our House System is an additional component to prepare students for post-graduate success through increased team-building and leadership opportunities.

Our Houses are named after our local rocky mountain animals: Falcon, Big Horn Sheep, Bobcat, Elk and Wolf.


Studies show implementing a House system increases school spirit and student happiness. There are many opportunities for student engagement and success through a House system. 

The House system allows a great sense of connection from our older students to our younger students. It is common for upper school students to help lower school students with academic understanding, peer relations, and many other things. One may also find seniors tutoring freshmen, or staff engaging with students in games and activity. It is a fantastic way to promote cohesion. 

  • Houses will compete for points throughout the year in the areas of academics, athletics, service, school spirit, and the five core virtues to earn “House of the Year”.

  • Houses are a source of positive peer-accountability and motivation that have positive effects in the classroom.   

The House system promotes all five virtues core to Merit Academy.

Students develop deep friendships through interaction, service, competition, and communication.

Valor is often displayed when students present projects, engage in a new skillset, or compete for their team.

Goodness appears throughout many House civic efforts, and when members set aside themselves to help others.

Perseverance is the commitment, grit, and determination (cheered on by House members) as students overcome various hurdles. 

There is a sense of responsibility to fellow House members, as well as to oneself, when connected through numerous House programs.

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