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Merit Academy's mission is to prepare students to be successful, responsible citizens in a free republic. What does that mean in regards to post-secondary readiness? The whole foundation is our intensive classical education, but the specific career exploration means different things for different students.


For some, this means a career in the military or aviation sciences. For them, we have fantastic and unique opportunities through our Civil Air Patrol and our aviation science programs (See our CAP page for updates).


For other students, this means a career in a trade or in their own entrepreneurial endeavors. For these students, we offer opportunities for trade certificates, vocational college credits, and internships/field work.

Finally, students may be considering careers that require a four year or a terminal degree, and for these students, we offer concurrent enrollment college courses, AP courses, and other college prep programs.



Current college courses available for our high school students include:

AP Physics

AP Pre-Calculus

Bio 1006 Anatomy/Physiology

Engl 1021 College Composition

Engl 1022 College Composition II

Engl 2021 Creative Writing

Hist 1030 US History: Civil War to Modern Era

Lit 1013 Literature

Math 1034 College Algebra

Math 1420 College Trigonometry

As high school enrollment continues to increase, our number of college courses & AP options will  expand.



Merit Academy is partnering with Careers in Construction Colorado to provide opportunities for our students to earn certifications in construction trades, including OSHA-10, and in electrician, plumbing, HVAC and other industries.

Merit Academy has partnered with Texas A&M to allow students an opportunity to earn a certificate in Veterinary Sciences as a veterinary assistant.


In addition to working with experts to provide opportunities in various trade and entrepreneurial careers, we have also partnered with Pikes Peak State College in their Career Start options. In this, interested juniors or seniors can attend specialized programs, earn college credit and/or trade certificates, and be well on their way to a career in that field, all while attending Merit Academy.


For a brief overview, please click on the corresponding flier below:

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