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Merit Academy is an educational option for parents, community members and educators in the Ute Pass area. It is a 501c3, public, tuition-free school designed, inspired, and governed by local Merit Academy parents, community members, experts, and educators. Through many conversations and exploration, it is apparent that families need and desire a classical alternative to current educational experience in local schools. This is a parent's statutory right.

Parent Desires

Developed and governed by parents and local community members through a grassroots effort, Merit Academy is a choice-in school. This means families who choose Merit Academy are choosing the very culture, education, and experiences offered within our school. They are also choosing the joyful efforts, commitment, and collaboration that make a school like this excel.

Merit Academy is a "rocky mountain', classical, knowledge-rich, hands-on education. Our scholars study not just the "what" of a subject, but the "how" and "why". Students examine, explore, and discuss these topics from inception through contemporary. We explore living works and emphasize the traditional, American, western civilization. This prepares them to be successful in their chosen civilian or military careers, including but certainly not limited to innovation, business ownership/self-employment, leadership, research, engineering, medical profession, or whatever their desire. The sky is the limit!

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Parent/Student Handbook

The parent/student handbook was crafted with input from parents, community members, and educational experts. This is a living document and will be updated as the school develops.


There is a strong correlation between student appearance and perception of excellence.  Additional reasons for the uniform dress code include:

  • Foster a distinct and positive Merit Academy appearance

  • Decrease distractions

  • Increase commitment to MA's core values and beliefs.

  • Discourage divisiveness or cliques and encourage core cohesion and respect

  • Increase student parity

School Supply


for grades K-8

Merit Academy hoodies are available for pre-order! If you would like a hoodie, please order through this form. They are available in youth-adult (and extended) sizes.

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