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A student's day of growth, civic involvement, and friendship does not end when the last bell rings. Therefore, it is important to offer students and families a variety of extra-curricular programs.


Merit Academy has launched the first phase of athletics: High School Cross Country, High School Boys Basketball, Middle School Cross Country, Middle School Boys Basketball, Middle School Girls Basketball, Middle School Volleyball, School of Grammar Landsharks, Athletic Clinics, Competitive Marksmanship Teams.


Phase Two will expand the athletic offerings at all levels.

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While it's not an exhaustive list, the following are athletics and clubs available for students:

* Volleyball Team (Middle School, adding High School in 25-26)

* Girls and Boys Cross Country Teams (Middle School and High School levels)

* Boys Basketball Teams (Middle School and High School teams)

* Girls Basketball Team (Middle School starting 25-26, high school thereafter)

* Landsharks (K-6th) Cross Country & Track

* Civil Air Patrol (Upper School)

* Science Olympiad Teams (Upper School)

* Shooting Teams (K-12)

* Mountaineering Club (Upper School)

* Theater (Upper School)

* 4th/5th Grade Choir

* School of Logic (6th -8th grade) Cantare Choir

* School of Rhetoric (9th + ) Ascend Choirs

* Cadet Band

* Concert Band

* Art Club (School of Grammar)

* Chess/Rubiks Cube Club (School of Grammar)

* Rocky Mountain Science Club (School of Grammar)

* K-Kids (School of Grammar)

* Jr. Honors Society (School of Grammar)

* National Honors Society (Upper School)



For those athletics we've yet to offer through Merit Academy, students can try out and join the district's other high school and middle school teams.

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