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"Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny; and it is believed that the most effectual means of preventing this would be, to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts, ... that they may be enabled to know ambition ... and exert their natural powers to defeat its purposes." 

~ Thomas Jefferson


Merit Academy's classical curriculum is knowledge rich and intensive. Staff hold high expectations for excellence in academics and conduct, and this is something our families choice-in to. When parents select Merit Academy for their students, you are choosing a curriculum that is not only challenging but also deep and focused. From Core Knowledge to college courses, Latin to history, we hold true to our foundation and the promise to our parents to provide the intensive curriculum with high expectations that they choiced into.



The Core Knowledge At A Glance provides  a sound overview of the general topics studied in the core classes throughout the year within each grade. The Core Knowledge workbooks and texts  that we use can also be found on the Core Knowledge site, follow along at home!




Singapore Math is the curriculum of choice with many classical schools. Singapore math is a rigorous program that provides learners with tremendous number sense, which seems to be a  lacking skillset in many of today's programs.

Keep in mind, the pacing of study will depend on how well students master the information.


KA = Kindergarten 1st half, KB = Kinder 2nd half,

1A = 1st Grade 1st half, 1B= 1st Grade 2nd half, etc


7th & 8th Grades study Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Foundations of Geometry,

with groups and foci dependent upon student ability.

Freshmen study Algebra, Geometry, or College Algebra (Concurrent Enrollment), dependent upon ability

"The teachers and staff at Merit are Awesome!  They have persevered all year long, regardless of the challenges and always keeping the students' growth and development as their number one priority" ~ Ashley Boyington

We have fantastic enhancements in place and our students are engaged in these wonderful whole-child classes.

  • Math/Literacy & Movement (K-5)

  • Language Lab (Spanish, Russian, French, Mandarin or German) K-9

  • Architecture & Engineering (K-8)

  • Financial Literacy  (K-9)

  • Book Club (4th/5th)

  • Catamount's YES Club (4th/5th)

  • Art (part of the CK curriculum: K-9)

  • Music (part of the CK curriculum: K-9)

  • Performance Music/Choir (K-9)

  • Cursive Writing (varies)

  • Violin/Viola Small Group (2nd-5th)

  • PE (varies K-9)

  • Coding (6-8)

  • Archery (6-8)

  • Virtues (K-9)

  • Creative Writing (K-9)

  • Future City (6-8)

  • Speech/Forensics (6-9)

  • Theater (4-9)

  • Student Council (6-9)

  • Houses: Community Projects (K-9)

  • Guitar (6-9)

  • Civil Air Patrol (6-9)


What's better than "PJ/Lounge Day" and a good book? The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was a favorite amongst our 4th and 5th grade book study students.

One of the definitive goals of Merit Academy is to grow students' intellect and character to prepare them to be well informed and productive citizens. This education begins with the Core Knowledge ® sequence, not to be confused with Common Core, in grades K-8. This is a cumulative learning process in which students build on prior years' knowledge and grow that depth and breadth of in the following year of education. It is founded on the principle that the more you know; the more you will be able to learn. This reflects the classical pedagogy regarding the "unity of subjects" within the study of the liberal arts and sciences. This insight is well established in psychology of learning and cognitive development, and has profound impacts on teaching and learning. It is also complimented by the developmental trivium model of classical education: Grammar (k-5), Logic (6-8), and Rhetoric (9-12).
science class_edited.jpg
Merit Academy education focuses on learning, exploring, and expressing knowledge.
Through this, students acquire both wisdom and skills necessary for a responsible and flourishing life.
We believe in promoting self-discipline and accountability, along with nurturing the virtues of perseverance and responsibility, through academic expectations, deadlines, and effort. Homework, exams, projects, and discussion are some ways that students are assessed on their level of understanding. Valor is also exercised as students talk with teachers about their learning, understanding, and reflection in whole. Through daily academic choices (effort, due dates and schedule, and seeking deeper understanding), students and staff are reminded of the very motto that defines our culture: Hodie Determinat Cras; Today Determines Tomorrow.
Biology Class

Upper School (6-12) Grades:
A 94-100;   A- 90-93.99;   B+ 87-89.99;   B 84-86.99;   B- 80-83.99;   C+ 77-79.99;   C 74-76.99;   C- 70-73.99;  
D+ 67-69.99;   D 64-66.99;   D- 60-63.99;   F 59.99 and below
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