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Congratulations, Science Olympians!

Merit Academy took 5th in CO State, beating out other schools of stellar and steadfast traditions in science excellence. The last time students in our area achieved a State Finals trophy in Science Olympiad was 1994. This was no small feat for the inaugural year of Science Olympiad in our school. We are so proud of our Bears!


Merit Academy is founded on the principles of civic responsibility, intellectual growth, and desire for good. There is exceptional focus on science, math, history, literature, the arts, and our glorious Rocky Mountain environment. Merit Academy is patriotic, with sound focus on the U.S. Constitution.

The liberal arts and sciences are core to our curricula.  In these intensive and challenging studies, students take apart, examine, and explore various concepts and how they came about. This is one of the cornerstones that prepares them to be thoughtful, virtuous, and responsible citizens in a free society. They will understand what it means to live out the lessons learned, to create mindful and fruitful habits that also tie to our core virtues.


In short, this is a classical education for modern times.


Students prepared for success in a free society, promoting civic responsibility and contributing their talents in a flourishing republic by pursuing beauty, truth, and good. 


Merit Academy will cultivate the minds and nurture the hearts of K-12 youth in the Ute Pass/Woodland Park region with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue, employing honored foundations of classical education and Core Knowledge®.

Excitement is in the air at our house, and it’s all because of our community’s new school. My daughter has always been a good student, but until Merit Academy, I would not have described her as “excited” about school. She is genuinely excited everyday when she goes to Merit Academy. It makes me proud to see my daughter, my family, and my community creating something together that will shine the light of knowledge into the future.

~ Micah Wright

Merit Badge.png


The bear, one of our respected local animals, symbolizes many things in myth and folklore. Most commonly, the bear symbolizes qualities that Merit Academy also values: wisdom, courage, strength, and resourcefulness.


Hodie Determinat Cras, Today Determines Tomorrow. This will be discussed on many levels throughout the academy. Today's effort determines tomorrow's results, as applied to learning, decisions, choices, actions, athletics, practice, etc. It also connects to the importance history plays in the events of today and tomorrow. 

Our Colors:

Red, white, and blue. These colors represent several distinctives of our culture.

Red represents valor, white represents goodness, and blue represents perseverance.

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