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for the 2021-2022 school year

Congratulations on being a First Family with Merit Academy! By reaching this registration packet page, you have already completed the Enrollment form and have been offered seats through the lottery process, if one was needed.

Please print and complete the registration packet. We did our best to combine whatever pages we could so families with multiple children don't have to fill out the same page for different children. However, there are pages which require only one child per form. The instructions and student name options may make this clearer. We understand a digital registration process is easier and more convenient, but we are currently establishing our technology and Student Information System software program. Until that is launched, we will join the numerous schools and districts that have a hard-copy registration process.


It is important to complete the Family Economic form to qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch and fee waivers; please only complete one of these economic surveys per family (if you might qualify for fee waivers).


Please submit the registration packet within a week of accepting your offer, due to waitlists in nearly every class. If you elect to withdraw your acceptance of offer, you forfeit your seat(s) for the 2021-2022 school year.


If your child is on an IEP, 504, ALP, or has ELL or Read interventions, please submit the full registration packet so we can review your plan to determine if or how we can serve your child's needs.





Please scan and email the completed registration packet  to If you prefer to deliver in person, we are using Andersen Pack & Ship's secure drop box service, until our offices are ready. They are located in the Gold Hill Plaza (City Market plaza) in Woodland Park. Please enclose your documents in a sealed manila folder labeled, "Merit Academy" and hand it to the Andersen employee, who will then post it to our box. We check our box nearly every business day and will email you a confirmation of receipt.    

Documents needed for registration:

*  ENROLLMENT FORM (you submitted prior to acceptance offer) 







Does your family need assistance through fee-waivers, free lunches, or uniform donations? Please fill out the Family Economic Data Survey (linked below) to qualify, or contact us if the need is short-term and immediate (emergency).

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