A student's day of growth, civic involvement, and friendship does not end when the last bell rings. Therefore, it is important to offer students and families opportunities for after-school activity. Not only can the student engage in new or deeper levels within topics of interest, but it may be a help to parents who seek a productive afterschool activity for their children.

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     Can't say enough about Merit Academy.  My son was always doing so poorly in Math, and in his first semester at Merit, he eared his first 97% on a test!

    My son son wanted to go to Merit Academy so badly because of the Civil Air Patrol program. Friday's are his favorite day of school now, and he is so excited to take a step closer to his career as a Commercial Pilot.

Pamela Gagnon 

There will be many athletics and activities available, the full breadth of which will be solidified once we gather student interest and sponsor/coach availability. Below is a list of several athletics and activities that have already been requested and will be introduced and ready to grow within the first two years:

Female Swimmers



Boys & Girls MS/HS Swim

Boys & Girls MS/HS Cross Country

Boys & Girls MS/HS Track

Mountain Biking 

Ski Club


Air Rifle Team


More sports will be added with school growth and addition of our own gym/facility.


If a Merit student wants to play a sport not offered at Merit but is offered at WPSD, that student can try-out and play for WPSD (and vice versa). It's a wonderful community!

Children Singing in a Choir



Strategic Games



Civil Air Patrol, 6-12th


MS & HS Band/Orchestra

Outdoor Ed & Adventure

MS & HS Elite Choirs

Astronomy Lab

Science Olympiad

Theater Arts

and more!