A student's day of growth, civic involvement, and friendship does not end when the last bell rings. Therefore, it is important to offer students and families opportunities for after-school activity. Not only can the student engage in new or deeper levels within topics of interest, but it may be a help to parents who seek a productive afterschool activity for their children.


There will be many athletics and activities available, the full breadth of which will be solidified once we gather student interest and sponsor/coach availability. Below is a list of several athletics and activities that have already been requested and likely will be available within the first two years:

archery Merit style.jpg
Female Swimmers



Boys & Girls MS/HS Swim

Boys & Girls MS/HS Cross Country

Boys & Girls MS/HS Track

Mountain Biking 

Ski Club


Air Rifle Team


More sports will be added with school growth and addition of our own gym/facility.


If a Merit student wants to play a sport not offered at Merit but is offered at WPSD, that student can try-out and play for WPSD (and vice versa). It's a wonderful community!

Children Singing in a Choir



Strategic Games



Civil Air Patrol, 6-12th


MS & HS Band/Orchestra

Outdoor Ed & Adventure

MS & HS Elite Choirs

Astronomy Lab

Science Olympiad

Theater Arts

and more!