School of Rhetoric (high school)
graduation requirements


While we are opened K-8 in year one, we continue to add high school grades, growing to K-12 as our initial 8th graders advance in grades. Our first graduating class will be the class of 2026.

One of our HS academic goals is to offer as many college-credit courses possible

Subject.              Graduation Requirements                 Potential Course Options, Different Courses may be added (many offer Honors options) 

English                    4 Credits                                      Options include Literature/Composition 9, 10, 11, 12,

                                                                                    CU Succeed/PPCC English College Course(s), AP English 

Math                        4 Credits                                    Options include but not limited to: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus,                                                                                         Calculus, Statistics, Business Math, Accounting, CU Succeed/PPCC College Course(s), AP Calculus

Science                   4 Credits                                    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Aerospace Science, Bio II, AP Chemistry, AP Physics

                                                                                   Anatomy/Physiology, Genetics, Earth Science, Geology, Engineering, Zoology

History                     3.5 Credits                                 Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II, American History, World History, .5 US Constitution

Language                2 Credits                                   Latin (require at least 1 year), German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese

Additional                4.5 Credits                                  .5 Economics, .5 Financial Literacy, .5 Moral Philosophy, .5 Civics/Government,

Required                                                                     .5 Health, 1.5 PE, 2.0 Art/Music/Theater, .5 Senior Thesis & Defense 

Electives                 at least 5 additional, could be any of above in addition to requirements or:  Civil Air Patrol, Athletic Team Specific (also qualifies for                                                                                     PE), Computer Sciences, Robotics, Intro or Elite Choirs, Band or Orchestra, Psychology

                                                                                  Cyber Security, Business, Student Government, Yearbook, Leadership, Speech/Rhetoric,

                                                                                  Creative Writing, and more! Many of these course topics will be driven by student interest.               

                            TOTAL 27 CREDITS